Best best made in China – replacement parts – PTO shaft manufacturer & factory 3-40-1611 what series is my pto shaft End Yoke with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Group the most significant agricultural gearbox and pto factory in China with 5 various branches. For a lot more information: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Best  best  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory 3-40-1611   what sequence is my pto shaft End Yoke with ce certificate leading quality lower value

weighty obligation travel shafts commodore EPG pto shaft sequence 6 specializing tractor pto travel shaft tubing in pto warning sticker the crown vic driveshaft manufacture pto shaft materials of dimensions pto shaft tiller rotocultivator king kutter pto yoke ploughshares sequence 4 pto shaft and bush hog slip clutch other non-standardized farm machinery chopping equipment. EPG main generation is of farming fifteen-500 horsepower tractor supporting equipment, mechanical cultivation, harvesting equipment and equipment. Our organization prodcue all the American tube yoke, flange yoke, weld yoke, middle yoke, spline yoke, sip yoke, spline shaft and and many others. so if you have desire for these areas, remember to feel free get in touch with us, thank you quite a lot progress!!!

StHangZhourd Component # Sequence Spline Spline Length Tube Measurement ( R )Hub Diameter ( K )Finish of Spline to Point of Weld
two-forty-1711 1280 one.38″-16 two.25″ 2.fifty” x .083″W 2.34″ 6.34″
two-40-1711 1310 1.38″-16 2.twenty five” two.fifty” x .083″W two.34″ 6.34″
3-40-1611 1350 1.fifty”-sixteen 2.50″ three” x .083″W two.eighty four” 7.25″
3-40-1531 1410 1.50″-16 three” 3.fifty” x .083″W 3.34″ six.fifty six”
3-40-1491 1410 1.fifty”-16 three” three.fifty” x .083″W 3.34″ seven.fifty three”
three-forty-1711 1410 one.56″-16 5″ three” x .083″W 2.eighty four” 13.41″
three-40-1551 1480 1.fifty six”-16 3″ 4″ x .083″W 3.84″ eight.94″
three-40-1571 1480 one.fifty six”-sixteen 3″ 3.50″ x .083″W 3.34″ six.75″
3-40-1391 1480 one.56″-sixteen three” three.fifty” x .083″W 3.34″ eight.75″
4-forty-721 1550 one.75″-sixteen 3″ 3.fifty” x .095″W 3.32″ 9.22″
4-40-761 1550 1.75″-sixteen three” 3.50″ x .095″W three.32″ 6.seventy eight”
five-40-1011 1610 two”-16 3.fifty” 3.fifty” x .134″W 3.24″ 9.69″
5-40-1041 1610 two”-sixteen three.50″ three.50″ x .134″W 3.24″ 10.19″
5-forty-1191 1610 2″-sixteen 3.fifty” 3.fifty” x .134″W three.24″ seven.56″
5-40-1051 1610 2″-sixteen three.fifty” four” x .134″W 3.74″ 9.eighty four”
six-40-521 1710 2.fifty”-sixteen 4″ four” x .134″W three.74″ ten.56″
6-forty-521 1710 two.50″-16 4″ 4.09″ x .one hundred eighty”W three.74″ ten.fifty six”
six-40-541 1710 two.fifty”-sixteen four” 4″ x .134″W 3.seventy four” 9.25″
6-40-541 1710 two.50″-16 four” four.09″ x .180″W 3.seventy four” 9.25″
six-forty-621 1710 2.fifty”-sixteen four” four.50″ x .134″W 4.24″ 10.65″
six-40-631 1710 two.fifty”-16 4″ four.fifty” x .134″W four.24″ 9.fifty”
six-forty-711 1710 2.fifty”-sixteen 4″ four” x .134″W three.seventy four” eight.forty four”
6-forty-541 1760 2.50″-sixteen four” four.06″ x .a hundred sixty five”W three.seventy four” nine.25″
six.5-40-191 1810 3″-sixteen four.50″ 4.fifty” x .134″W four.24″ eleven.25″
six.5-forty-201 1810 3″-16 4.fifty” four.fifty” x .134″W 4.24″ 9.forty seven”
eight-forty-ninety one 1810 three”-sixteen four.50″ 4.50″ x .259″W 4″ nine.91″
8-forty-101 1810 3″-sixteen four.50″ four.fifty” x .259″W four” eleven.fifty three”
8-forty-ninety one 1880 three”-16 four.fifty” 4.50″ x .259″W 4″ 9.90″
8-40-one zero one 1880 3″-16 4.50″ 4.fifty” x .259″W 4″ 11.fifty three”
9-42-311 1950 four.167″-24 Inv. 6.50″ 5.25″ x ,375″W 4.50″ thirteen.forty seven”
nine-42-421 1950 four.167″-24 Inv. six.fifty” six” x .five hundred”W 5.15″ thirteen.forty seven”
nine-42-281 2050 five.835″-34 Inv. nine.50″ 8″x .375″W seven.38″ fourteen.50″
9-forty two-351 2050 five.835″-34 Inv. nine.50″ 8″x .375″W seven.38″ 16.sixty”
9-42-301 2150 5.835″-34 Inv. twelve” nine”x .625″W eight” 19.sixty three”

Best  best  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory 3-40-1611   what series is my pto shaft Finish Yoke with ce certificate prime good quality lower value

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