China Tractor Cardan Shaft Wide Angle Pto Shafts Agricultural Machinery Wide Angle Pto pto shaft carrier bearing

Problem: New
Guarantee: 1 Yr
Applicable Industries: Developing Material Stores, Producing Plant, Equipment Restore Retailers, Retail, Construction works
Fat (KG): ten KG
Showroom Place: None
Video outgoing-inspection: Presented
Equipment Test Report: Offered
Marketing and advertising Variety: Ordinary Product
Variety: Shafts
Use: Tractors
Colour: Yellow
Marterial: 45#
Yokes: All Cast
Procedure: Forging or Casting
Tube: Triangular, Lemon, Star etc
Design Amount: broad angle pto shafts
Purposes: For Tractor,Rotary Cultivator,Planter
Horse Electrical power: 12-100Kw
CE: certifacation
Packaging Specifics: wide angle pto Poly Bag+Color box or White box+Carton+Wooden scenario Poly Bag + Iron Pallet
Port: HangZhou, ZheJiang

Tractor Cardan Shaft wide angle pto shafts agricultural Equipment vast angle pto

Technical specs
one. Tractor Cardan Shaft broad angle pto shafts agricultural Equipment pto shaft vast angle
two. All parts are solid.
3. Sample welcome 4.Lower MOQ
five. Warranty:1 A long time
six. Sample: available
seven. OEM: acknowledged

Technological data:
broad angle pto shafts

TL1 Torque Limiter Clutch / Brake Chart A
DesignTorque Adj. Variety(lb. ft.)Std. Bores(+.001)Std. Bores(-.001)KeywayABCQ
TL1-571-101/twofive/eightone/8 x 1/sixteen1.250two.188one.438.188
TL1-0571ten-25three/4seven/83/16 x 3/321.625two.188one.250.a hundred twenty five
TL1-0571twenty five-fifty1one 1/eight3/sixteen x 3/322.a hundred twenty hundred twenty five
TL1-57150-100one 1/4one 3/8one/4 x 1/ hundred twenty five3.five hundredone.063.188
TL1-0571one hundred-175one 1/two1 5/85/16 x 5/32two.a hundred twenty five4.000two.344.188
TL1-0571one hundred seventy five-three hundredone 3/41 7/eightthree/8 x 3/sixteentwo.750four.five hundred2.688.188
TL1-0026three hundred-five hundredtwo2 1/4seven/16 x 7/323.2505.500three.250.188
TL1-0571five hundred-a thousand2 1/2two 3/4nine/16 x 9/324.000seven.000five.125.063
TL1-571one thousand-1500two 3/fourthreenine/sixteen x 9/324.625eight.0005.500.000

TL1 Torque Limiter Clutch / Brake Chart B
DesignDriving LugsGMDriving Lug WidthGMSMVMCup I.D.Cup O.D.Cup Screws Bolt Circle
TL1-5713.615one.984two.188two.017 – 2.0153.125 – 3.1233 1/4 x 2 9/16
TL1-0571three.615one.9842.188two.017 – 2.015three.a hundred twenty five – 2.123three 1/4 x 2 9/16
TL1-0571three.7402.4842.750two.517 – 2.5153.625 – 3.623three 1/4 x 3 1/sixteen
TL1-5713.990three.234three.5633.627 – 3.625four.625 – 4.623three 5/sixteen x 4 7/16
TL1-05713.990three.734four.0633.767 – 3.7655.a hundred twenty five – 5.1233 5/sixteen x 4 7/sixteen
TL1-0571eight.7404.4844.875four.517 – 4.5156.125 – 6.123four 3/8 x 5/sixteen
TL1-002612.615five.484five.875five.517 – 5.515seven.125 – 7.a hundred and twenty6 3/8 x 6 1/4
TL1-057112.740six.9847.five hundred7.017 – hundred twenty five – 9.a hundred and twentysix 1/2 x 8 1/sixteen
TL1-57112.740seven.984eight.5008.017 – hundred twenty five – 10.a hundred and twenty6 1/2 x 9 1/16

TL2 Torque Limiter Clutch / Brake Chart A
ModelTorque Adj. Variety(lb. ft.)Bores(+.001)Bores(-.001)KeywayABHub Bore Min.CHub Bore Max.CL1L2
TL2-571-10one/2five/eight1/8 x 1/ hundred twenty five2.188.375.750one.625.438
TL2-057110-twenty five3/four7/eight3/16 x 3/32two.625two.188.five hundredone.000eleven.313.563
TL2-057125-fifty11 1/eight3/sixteen x 1/16three.375two.781.625one.2502.688.563
TL2-571fifty-one hundred1 1/4one 3/81/4 x 1/eightthree.500three.563.875one.5002.688.688
TL2-0571one hundred-a hundred seventy five1 1/twoone 5/eightfive/sixteen x 5/32three.7504.063one.000one.7502.813.813
TL2-0571175-three hundredone 3/41 7/8three/8 x 3/16four.625four.875one.2502.0003.563.938
TL2-0026three hundred-five hundred2two 1/fourseven/16 x 7/32five.625five.875one.750two.five hundredfour.188one.375
TL2-0571500-10002 1/22 3/fournine/16 x 9/327.500seven.five hundredtwo.0003.250five.375two.000
TL2-571one thousand-1500two 3/four39/sixteen x 9/32eight.five hundred8.500two.0003.five hundred6.a hundred twenty fivetwo.250

TL3 Torque Limiter Clutch / Brake Chart A
ProductTorque Adj. Variety(lb. ft.)Std. Bores(+.001)Human body Bores(-.001)Keyway BoresABCScrews
TL3-571-101/two5/8one/8 x 1/sixteentwo.438three.125one.000three
TL3-057110-25three/4seven/eightthree/sixteen x 3/ hundred twenty fiveone.250three
TL3-057125-fiftyoneone 1/83/sixteen x 3/32four.000three.6251.625three
TL3-571fifty-one hundred1 1/fourone 3/81/4 x 1/eightfour.000four.625one.750three
TL3-0571100-one hundred seventy five1 1/2one 5/eightfive/sixteen x 5/32four.a hundred twenty five5.2502.000three
TL3-0571a hundred seventy five-300one 3/4one 7/83/8 x 3/sixteen4.625six.five hundredtwo.3134
TL3-0026three hundred-five hundredtwo2 1/fourseven/16 x 7/32five.7507.125two.8136
TL3-0571five hundred-10002 1/22 3/four9/16 x 9/ hundred twenty five4.0006
TL3-571one thousand-1500two 3/43nine/sixteen x 9/327.five hundred10.a hundred twenty fivefour.5006

TL3 Torque Limiter Clutch / Brake Chart B
ProductScrew DimensionsB.C.DMax.QSprocket Min. Pitch Dia.Cup Finding Dia. I.D.JDim. Cup-Entire body ShoulderS
TL3-5711/4two 9/sixteen.7504.0002.017 – 2.015.094
TL3-05711/fourtwo 9/sixteen1.0004.250two.017 – 2.015.063
TL3-0571one/42 1/sixteenone.2504.7502.517 – 2.515.063
TL3-571one/43 5/sixteenone.2505.625three.267 – 3.265.063
TL3-05711/fourfour 7/sixteenone.2506.250three.767 – 3.765.063
TL3-0571three/eight5 1/two1.250seven.five hundredfour.517 – 4.515.063
TL3-00263/eightsix 1/four1.7508.500five.517 – 5.515.a hundred twenty five
TL3-0571one/2eight 1/sixteentwo.00010.000seven.017 – 7.015.063
TL3-571one/2nine 1/sixteentwo.00011.2508.015 – 8.015.063

broad angle pto shafts
Cross journal requirements:
ItemCross journal size540dak-rpm1000dak-rpm
Sequence one22mm54mm12KW16HP18KW25HP
Sequence two23.8mmsixty one.3mm15KW21HP23KW31HP
Sequence three27mm70mm26KW35HP40KW55HP
Sequence 427mmseventy four.6mm26KW35HP40KW55HP
Sequence fivethirty.2mm80mm35KW47HP54KW74HP
Series 630.2mm92mm47KW64HP74KW100HP
Collection seventhirty.2mm106.5mm55KW75HP87KW18HP
Series eight35mm106.5mm 70KW95HP110KW150HP
Collection 3838mm102mm70KW95HP110KW150HP

Packaging & Shipping
Packing detail:
every single item will be packed in specific box with label of all info on it, and bins will be packed in carton, cartons will be packed in
picket situations. Weighty parts, light-weight areas and fragile elements will be packed individually
Shipping Detail:
thirty-35 times for sea order primarily based on containers.

Our CompaniesWhy Speedway?
1. Personalized and developed according to the customers’ sample, drawing or requirements.
two. Subsequent the customers’ requirements or as our usual packing.
three.Fast reply for Email messages and messages in 24 hours
4. Customer-First, Value-Competitive, Good quality- Large, Solutions- Expert.
five. Versatile minimum get quantity
six. twenty years of prosperous bearing business export encounter

Company Information

FAQQ1: Can I buy 1 of your merchandise for Sample?
A: Yes, we can offer you sample, and will deliver you by DHL or according to your specifications, or find the cheapest forwards
for you.

Q2: How could I know if the solution appropriate for my device or not?
A: Pls notify us which item you are interested in, We will give you the major sizes, or you can supply your drawings or
samples, we will make according to your drawings.

Q3: I want to uncover a provider for my new merchandise, can you support me ?
A: Indeed, kindly supply us your drawings or samples. We will estimate you the value.

This autumn: How long for your to make a new products?
A: Normally twenty-35days for the drawing kinds and 35-60 days for the sampled kinds.

Q5: What is the payment approach?
A: Our payment strategy: T/T, WEST UNION, PAYPAL.

Q6: How is the quality?
A: Strict handle ahead of cargo.

Q7: What are our key industry?
A: Our primary markets are Middle east, Africa, Southeast Asia and South The usa, European…

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China Tractor Cardan Shaft Wide Angle Pto Shafts Agricultural Machinery Wide Angle Pto     pto shaft carrier bearingChina Tractor Cardan Shaft Wide Angle Pto Shafts Agricultural Machinery Wide Angle Pto     pto shaft carrier bearing
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