PTO Drive Shaft for Krone BIGpack Square Balers

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PTO Drive Shaft for Krone BIGpack Square Balers

A PTO drive shaft is a mechanical device that transfers power from a power source, such as a tractor engine, to an external machine. PTO drive shafts are used in various applications, including agriculture, construction, and forestry.

A PTO drive shaft usually consists of two main parts: the drive end and the driven end. The driving end is connected to the power supply, and the driving end is connected to the external machine. The driving end and the driven end are connected by a flexible coupling, allowing misalignment between the two parts.

PTO drive shafts are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. The length of the PTO drive shaft depends on how much power it needs to transmit. The design of the PTO drive shaft depends on the type of power supply and the external machine it will be used with.

Main PTO Drive Shaft: CAT 7/8 SFT SH Series Constant Velocity

This Constant Velocity PTO will operate efficiently at 200 Horse Power and beyond @ 1000 RPMs.

For increased performance and life, order the splined version:

PTO Shaft for Krone BIGpack Square Balers

Large Square Baler PTO Drive Shaft Design Features:

Large square balers require a power take-off (PTO) shaft connected to the engine of the baler tractor. Here are some design features you might find on a PTO shaft in a large square baler:

Length: Large square balers require longer PTO shafts to achieve power transmission from tractor engine to baler. The standard length of PTO shafts is 1,000 mm, but specific tractor models or baler designs may require longer shafts.

Splines :PTO shafts usually have multiple splines that fit into the corresponding grooves of tractor and baler shafts. The spline can be internal (male) or external (female).



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What Is a PTO Shaft?

PTO drive shafts are the connection points for transferring the power from larger tractors to implements. PTO drive shafts are splined shafts sticking out of the tractor’s rear (compact utility tractors), splined recesses in the rear of the tractor (garden tractors), or splined shafts protruding from some point underneath the tractor. There are industry standards for the speed of these shafts.

The recessed PTO on garden tractors turns at 2,000 rpm. It uses the recessed design to prevent connecting an implement designed for the 540 rpm PTO used on compact utility tractors. Implements connect to the PTO shafts using a drive shaft with two or three universal joints to provide flexibility.

PTO Drive Shaft Application:

How to Measure the Parts of the PTO Drive Shaft?


Measuring the parts of the shaft correctly is essential for selecting the correct PTO series dimensions. Each product needs to be measured in a specific way to be consistent with the standard size. Follow these steps to ensure that the correct measurements are obtained and to order the parts required for the tractor.

1. Measuring axis
To measure the shaft, first make sure that the shaft is in the closed position, at which time the shaft is the smallest. Use a tape measure to record the length of the outside of each yoke. This measurement is the closing length. Use this measurement to find the correct series size for the tractor horsepower.
Make sure you also know if there are shear pins, clutches, or splined implement ends.
2. Measure the universal joint
When measuring the universal joint, measure the length from one end to the other. You also need to record the width of one end of the universal joint. Use these numbers to find the correct size of the universal joint.
3. Put them together
You need to make the above two measurements in order to find the PTO shaft parts suitable for your tractor and work normally. You can use the PTO yoke size chart to get the correct size, or use our convenient PTO series discovery tool.